Chanel's Insta-Hit Bag

Street style bloggers and online influencers love Insta-worthy items to share with their followers. Chanel's Boy Bag has become a real Insta-Hit. But what is the story behind this iconic bag? Coco Chanel took material intended for men’s underwear and made jersey dresses out of it. As Karl Lagerfeld famously said, she had a “boyish attitude” she acquired from the love of her life, a man by the name of Boy Capel. Coco’s love received an homage in 2011 in the form of a purse that became an instant classic. The Boy is actually quite the chameleon: it comes in velvet, tweed, leather, and tons of embellishment options, which has made it a star on Instagram and in the closets of women around the world. Source: For The Love of Bags Book