Five tips on how to take care of your Chanel bag

If you are lucky enough to own a Chanel bag, chances are you love it like it’s your baby. If you love it like it’s your baby, there is a huge chance that you know how to take good care of your bag. Chanel bags are high end designer bags that are made with the best materials to guarantee ultimate longevity.

Through the years, Chanel handbags can be really valuable collectibles if their taken care of properly. Chanel bags, especially the classics, increase overwhelmingly in price as the years pass by.

Here are few tips that you should consider when caring for you beloved Chanel baby:

Tip 1: Be sure to place an extra little bag, toiletbag or special box in your bag to place all sharp objects in, think about: a pen, jewerelly etc.

Tip 2: Sometimes continuous small impacts can have a major long term effect on your Chanel handbag. It may not seem like much to you at the time, but eventually those small mistakes begin to add up. This tip is important. At all costs, try your very best to avoid bumping against surfaces with your bag. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Tip 3: Avoid rubbing your bag against other hard materials. If you have a jacket that is made of a fairly rough material, maybe you shouldn’t wear your Chanel handbag with it often. This goes for denim material as well.

Tip 4: I’ve heard of a few ladies using bubble wrap to store their Chanel handbags when they are not using them. But there is a downside to the bubble wrap method of storage, however. In high temperatures the bubble wrap could melt and cause it to stick to your handbag. This will result in insurmountable damage to your Chanel bag. Instead, use a clean towel or tissue paper.

Tip 5: Never, I repeat, never expose your bag to any perfume, toxic, or acid liquid. If it’s not 100% water then it shouldn’t come anywhere near your Chanel baby. Be extra careful because rain water can even cause some damage to your bag color.