Hermès: the holy grail

Hermès the fashion house that designes the most iconic bags. If you're lucky maybe one day you will own a Birkin or a Kelly bag. Unfortunately the procedures to get one are getting more and more difficult. But hey that doesn't stop us from dreaming about it. 

Named after the English actrice Jane Birkin. The legend says Jane Birkin sat next to the Hermès chief executive on a flight while struggling with her bag. He offered to design a Hermès leather weekendbag for her and an icon was born.

Kelly bag:
The bag was first introduced in the '30s. In 1956 the pregnant Grace Kelly was photographed holding a Hermès bag to cover her growing belly. This photograph was featured in Life magazine which achieved great populatity for the handbag.

This silk scarf was introduced in 1937 and has been worn by ladies like: Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy. They made the carré a true fashion icon. Nowadays the scarfs are also the perfect accessories to style your Hermès bag.

Evelyne bag:
The Evelyne bag was named after Evelyne Bertrand when she was the head of Hermès riding department. It was designed in 1978 to carry grooming equipment for horses. 

This bag is popular for its similarity with the famous Kelly bag. The Herbag is also available as a handbag and a backpack. The backpack is great for travelling or work. The bag is made from canvas and available in the sizes: 31, 39 and 52.

Source: For the love of bags and hermes.com