Influencer extraordinaire: Chiara Ferragni

How did a blonde girl from Italy grow from blogging about college life and outfits, to the biggest influencer of the decade? In anticipation of her documentary that will be coming out this fall, we have put together a small guide to everything Chiara!  


Her Instagram  

Of course, number one on this list has to be her Instagram. Instagram is the go-to platform for all influencers now a days, and it is also where Chiara made her big break through. Following the rise of Instagram in 2012/13, Chiara’s fame grew exponentially. With a following of over 16 million (!!) Chiara was rightfully named the world's most influential influencer in 2017 by Forbes Magazine. All those followers are not just for fun, according to the Daily Telegraph, Chiara can ask up to 12.000 dollars just for posting sponsored content. 


Her Blog 

 The Blonde salad is what it all started with. Back in 2009 Chiara used this blog to talk about college life and post outfit pics, nothing really serious. Now a days The Blond Salad is nothing short of a full-blown lifestyle magazine run by Chiara and her 2 sisters that bear a striking resemblance to each other, Valentina and Francesca.  


Her Clothing line 

When everyone is paying constant attention to what your wearing, and everything you wear is sold out in minutes, why not start your own fashion brand? That is probably what Chiara thought when she started The Chiara Ferragni Collection. The collection carries colourful clothes, shoes, and accessories, all recognisable by the pop-art style eyes, that she has made her signature. 

Her talent agency 

Through Chiara Ferragni talent management, she books herself, her sisters and other influencers, campaigns varying from tv-shows to events to modelling gigs. She has said that her talent agency is the heart of her imperium “it takes only 40% of total cost while it is responsible for 90% of the total profit.” 



It is clear that the Ferragni brand is not slowing down anytime soon. And we at Etoile are excited to keep following Chiara’s journey and continue our collaborations. 


Love, Etoile.