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My oh my, still looking for a perfect excuse to buy a chanel bag? Or perhaps to convince your husband to buy one OR more for you? Stop looking, because research has shown that over the last 5 years their worth increased with 70%! WOWZA..

This research was done by an american website specialized in luxurious bags, named ‘BagHunter’. Obviously the chanel bag is NOT the only profitable investment. Turns out that the Birkin bag is more profitable than GOLD. Yes you heard that correctly.

Anyways before you get that heartattack you do need to know a little fact, baghunters’ research is not extremely reliable. So we should probably just take it with a grain of salt. Or not ;)! Because any excuse to treat yourself is a good one in this case.

As curious as can be we digged a little deeper into the research…

A little background insight of the research doesn’t hurt nobody right? Good read on. The research held by baghunter was mainly focused on the chanel medium classic flap bag which is produced since 1955. Back then the bag only cost 220 USD. In 1990 this rised to 1.150 USD and now a days you have to pay 4.900 USD. Hurts right?

We totally understand that not everyone is willing or able to pay 5.000 euro’s for a BAG. But we got you covered. Why not ease your pain in one of our stores? We have all the solutions to your problems. You probably cannot say no anylonger AND why should you? You don’t want to wait to see another price rise right.. Atleast not untill you got your own.


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