It bag of the month: Hermès Evelyne

From January 2019 on, we will highlight one ‘it bag’ each month. We will give you a little background information, check the current popularity of the bag and show you our preloved versions of the it bag, of course! To start of the new year, I would like to highlight a favorite that might be a little less known to the bigger public: the Hermès Evelyne!

You know Kelly and (Jane) Birkin, but have you met Evelyne? The essential Hermès crossbody, once relegated solely to the equestrian section of the French atelier’s wares, rose to fame only a few years ago as a result of the recession and its recession-era style.

The history of this month’s it bag goes 41 years back. Evelyne Bertrand, head of Hermès Riding Department, created her namesake bag in 1978 as a carry-all for horse groomer’s tools. Perforating one side so brushes and sponges could dry on the go. Though the perforated side is intended to be worn against the body, the H logo has become a coveted design element for luxury lovers.

The Hermès Evelyne bag comes in four sizes: TPM, PM, GM and TGM (which stand for Très Petit Modèle, Petit Modèle, Grand Modèle and Très Grand Modèle). The bag’s signature H will always have 63 holes.

There are three generations of the Evelyne:

  • Evelyne 1 (first generation) has no external pocket and a non-adjustable strap
  • Evelyne 2 (second generation) has an external pocket and a non-adjustable strap
  • Evelyne 3 (third generation) has an external pocket and an adjustable canvas strap


With its simple silhouette, adjustable long strap and more affordable price point, it’s no surprise that the bag has seen a resurgence in popularity. Today, the bag is more likely to be found on the everyday woman or man needing a stylish yet functional bag.  The crossbody style is the perfect bag for keeping hands free, running weekend errands and even bringing on your next vacation. Got excited? We have a variety of preloved Hermès Evelyne bags in stores and online. Click here to check them out. Because, who doesn’t love to carry a classic it bag after all?


Pictures from Pinterest

Written by Brechtje Helderweirdt