It's all about the bags and the shoes

Well, let’s be honest people. We all love bags and we all love shoes, but we love the combination of a good bag with some good shoes even more.
The importance of a good bag combined with fashionable shoes is more than ever. It’s all about small details and what only the real fashion eye can see. We are going to match by dismatching. Mostly the bag is not made out of the same material as the shoes and also the colors are not the same, but there are little details that makes the bag and shoes look perfect together. Sometimes the hardware is matching as in golden or silver details or the colors are opposite which makes your look looks sprawling.
As we all know fanny packs are back and more popular than ever before. They can be worn by the waist or cross body.  With a cool fanny pack you can wear sneakers to finish your cool look, or you could wear heels with your fanny pack. With heels you will look classy with a cool twist by wearing a fanny pack instead of a normal cross body bag.
Also the classic and feminine handbags are back in fashion world. These bags can only be worn by hand, as they only have a small strap. Maybe it’s not very handy, but at least you look very classy and girly. These handbags are mostly combined with a pair of good heels. ‘The higher the heels, the lower the problems.’ You can also combine your handbag with a pair of boots, to make your outfit a bit less girly.
Nowadays everybody is in love with vintage bags. All the haute couture designer are bringing back old patterns. Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior and Gucci are remaking their old bags and fashion world loves it. Not only the old patterns are very popular, also the old shapes are back. Backpacks, saddle bags and shoppers are the most wanted vintage bags. You can actually combine them with every shoe you want to, because the vintage bag will do all the work for your outfit.
Very important are the eye catcher bags. The ones with crazy prints or showy colors are amazing to combine with a good pair of sneakers. J.W. Anderson, Loewe, Louis Vuitton and Prada are all over this trend.
Everybody loves basics, also real fashion lovers. Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant and Céline are brands with many items made out of soft leather and in soft colors. Mostly worn with a suit, just a classic blazer or a denim outfit. It makes you look sophisticated and fashionable à la Parisienne.
All photos are made by Phil Oh and are taken from the American Vogue Streetstyle Fashion page.
Written by Eline van Hemmen