Make it last a lifetime: bag care tips

Handbags are a must-have for every woman and, yes, we ladies often own quite a few handbags that each matches with a different outfit, to create that oh-so special look. Unfortunately, we can't wear all these beauties at the same time, so where do you keep the other chosen ones safely? There is no use of investing in a beautiful handbag if you do not create a safe place to keep them protected, so they can last a lifetime. That's why we did some research so we could provide you with the best tips and tricks!

Storage room or walk-in closet

When you have a storage room or even a walk-in closet (or you just dream about it, like me) make sure you keep the handbags in the original box, or any other box for that matter. Never store your handbag in plastic or vinyl! Plastics and vinyl’s do not breathe and are moisture resistant. It actually traps wetness and can even cause mold! Not a good idea, right? 

Inside support

Make sure to regularly clean the inside of the handbag with antibacterial wipes to prevent cross contamination because research has proven that handbags are a breeding ground for those little monsters. Also make sure you sort out your handbag every now and then. It may be surprising how many things you find that you already forgot you kept in your handbag. This way the inside will stay organized and will it be easy to find your keys or other products at the bottom, when you are in a hurry.

Clothing hanger to the rescue

If you have a shoe shelf and you find an empty spot (a long shot, I know) then reserve it for your handbags. It is simple and organized. The downside to it is that your handbags are vulnerable to dust. But don’t worry, just use the hook of an old clothing hanger and attach it on the inside of the closet. This way you keep the bag safe from the dust. If you don’t have any old clothing hangers, you can also purchase a handbag dust cover. Easy, right?

All handbags are not created equal

Find out what type of material your handbag is made of because it just may require special instructions to clean and preserve it. If your handbag is made of leather, then you might want to invest in a leather cleaner. But the first step is to know what type of stain you’re dealing with, so that you know which removal method and product you can use.

Whatever you do, DON'T just toss your bags into a dark forgotten closet. Out of sight means out of mind. Always treat handbags like the arm candy they are. Especially, the designer ones!


Love, Melissa