Say pochette?

A small bag, a big purse, a clutch, a wristlet… the bag knows many names and we’re happy that the pochette has made his comeback.

Bags worn as pochettes on Fashion Week

A pochette comes in all kinds of sizes and shapes. With shoulder strap, with cross body strap, without a strap. You can use the bag as a fashion statement or just as an organizer in a larger bag. The bag can be worn for many occasions as well. For example to wear around your shoulder when you’re hitting the city centre for some shopping or when you’re having a night out you can wear the bag by hand like in the old days.

Eva Cliteur with our Dior Pochette

The pochette is also getting popular by men. In our current fashion society it is accepted for men to wear more feminine pieces, this also counts for clutches and pochettes. For example the pochettes from Louis Vuitton and Gucci are worn by men and women. Side note to yourself: this means that your man no longer has an excuse to put all his stuff in your bag on a night out. ‘Yay!’

Fauré Le Page pochette worn by a man

We have many pochettes available online and in our stores from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dior, just to name a few brands. Click here to see all our available pochettes online or visit one of our stores in Amsterdam. You can find us at Oude Spiegelstraat 1, Heiligeweg 9 or Reestraat 24. 


Written by Eline van Hemmen

Pictures by Eva Cliteur and found on Pinterest.