Spotted: real or fake?

Out on the streets you see a lot Louis Vuitton bags passing by. Men and women have both fallen in love with the brand. It is so popular that it is unfortunately the most conterfeited brand. The big question is: how do you spot a fake or real LV bag?

When you do a little research on Google you will find reliable information, but always check the source. No time to Google it yourself? Therefore this blogpost. Easy and quick to read. Here some important points to look out for:

1. Canvas: the canvas should look like it's leather.  

2. Date code: Bags before the 1980's do not have a date code, but all the bags after 1980 do. The date code gives the date and place of the manufacture of the bag. 

3. Stitching: Watch the stitching! Louis Vuitton is very precise with its stitching. Everything should be very even and regular.

4. Hardware: The hardware should feel heavy and not hollow. 

5. Matching patterns: The pattern should match perfectly even when its divided by a seam.

6. Sloppy spots: Louis Vuitton has high standards and won't stitch back and forth. Always examine the bag carefully for any sloppy spots, because if there are than its a fake.

7. Leather: Louis Vuitton bags are mostly made out of canvas, but the trim is always leather. The leather on the bags should change color when its used, if it stays the same than it is a fake.

8. "Made in France": Most people think that every Louis Vuitton bag should say "Made in France", but this is not true. Louis Vuitton has also produced bags in Spain, USA, Germany and Italy.