The bold shoulder

If you've followed the latest fashion weeks, you might have noticed something different about the designer bags. Yes, that's right. The shoulder strap is getting a makeover.Now on the scale of the universe this is a non-event, but for the shoulder, it's a revolution. The days are gone when it comes to the shoulder strap that needed to be safe, discreet and devoted.

Did you know the shoulder strap has military origins? Oh yes, it all started from there. Her great-grandmother was a true tough one, a broad strip of leather on which soldiers could hang their rifle and bullets. Of course, these fighting sorts didn't come to the front dangling from their shoulder. And this inheritance of war had been preserved for ladies. Today, though, the shoulder straps are being shattered by new shapes and colours. A touch of colors, materials and effects craziness on the shoulder instead of the simpel leather strap. We absolutely love it, because it finally gets the lively support they deserve. What do you think about this latest trend?
Written by Melissa van der Poel
Pictures from Pinterest