The Hermès scarf

Hermès scarves are one of the iconic products of Hermès. They are classic and can turn any outfit into a very elegant look. There are several ways in which these can be worn.

  1. On your Neck

One way is to wear it around your neck, especially when it is a bit chilly outside. It also can add a little bit of a colorful touch to your outfit. Within the neck there are also different ways to tie it around. You can either make a knot or make a V shape out of it, or even wear it without any knot.

  1. As a headpiece

There are several ways in which you can wear a scarf on the head. You can play with different thicknesses and also leave the tail so that you can see it bellow the hair. It is also possible to wear it as a turban, to fully cover your hair. It’s a chic and elegant way to put your hair up.


  1. As a belt

It is also possible to tie it around your waist to hold up your pants, or to attach a fanny pack to it. Some even attach it around a hat to add some charm to their accessories.

  1. As handbag decoration

To add an original touch to a bag, you can attach with different shapes the scarf on the handle of the handbags.