The micro bag trend

Miniature bags are a thing from the 90's. It was a time when everything in women's fashion was about small, smaller, smallest. Now the small bags are back in fashion, they came back under the name "Micro bags."

The smaller the bag, the better. But... They need to be a mini version of the normal-size original one. Micro bags can be worn on their own. As a little hand bag for your keys, phone and lipstick. You can also wear your petit version in combination with its bigger brother, more like a accessory because on some days the little one is just not big enough. 

We have added some pictures for your inspiration. Excited to follow the micro bag trend too? We also have some micro bags available in our shops and online! Click here to find our online bags and check below for more (consignment) bags in our collection.

Chiara Ferrigni with her little Fendi friends

Emmy Rossum with her Dior micro bag at Fashionweek

Fendi Baguette (micro), available at Reestraat 24.

Chanel square mini bag, consignment. Available at Reestraat 24.

Chanel micro bag with long strap. Can be worn as necklace too. Available at Reestraat 24.

Written by Nadie Borggreve

Pictures from Pinterest and made by Etoile Luxury Vintage