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The secret behind Gucci

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In the last couple of years Gucci has had a hard time, like many other luxurious brands. However, in the last 20 months Gucci’s Chairman Marco Bizzarri has collaborated with the creative director Allesandro Michele. Together they made a rapid change. You could say it’s a dream team. The moment when Alessandro joined the team and filled the place of Frida Giannini the collections were an *INSTANT HIT*. The latest collection of Gucci flamboyante 2017 was ‘the talk of the town’. How was Gucci able to make a comeback like this?

Renew Renew and Renew

Gucci’s comeback is not a secret, especially not after Bizzarri received a nomination for the ‘International Business Leader at the Fashion awards from the British Fashion Council. Bizzarri said: ‘we have to make sure that we keep renewing in this industry, to make sure we get good results.’ He also thinks it is a must to deliver wanted accessories, like Ace sneakers and the GG marmont and Dionysus bags.

No sales

Gucci has a famous strategy, and that means NO SALES!! Gucci keeps their products in store for quite a long time. They don’t change up their collection often to keep a good connection with their loyal customers. It is about the durability of a product. The main reason for no sales? Gucci does not want to disappoint customers who buy a product for the full price and then a few months later have a sale on it.


For now the strategy of Gucci seems to work, Chanel and Louis Vuitton also have a strategy close to theirs. Bizzarri mentions us that the key to success is a great team who can get along. You know like one of those football teams or like the girlfriends of sex and the city.


Buy Gucci because they won’t lose value, you won’t witness a sale and because they are the new yet old hot kid on the block.

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