The secret behind Louis Vuitton’s success

For more than 100 years, the French brand has managed to maintain its’ powerful position within the luxury fashion industry with its original monogram print as their number one iconic feature. But how did Louis Vuitton grow and become one of the most popular brands by using a simple L and V monogram print?

Louis Vuitton became famous for inventing new luggage pieces and systems, but nowadays the brand is still very strong, so there must be something more influencing this success. The savoir-faire of the brand has everything to do with it. “What is savoir-faire?” you may ask. Literally translated from French, it means “know how to do”, but these days it’s a term used in high-end fashion and luxury industries when the brand identify and craftsmanship of a brand are being explained.

So is it Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire that has helped the brand maintain it’s success? Of course this is part of their success, but another very important element to their success story are the numerous collaborations Louis Vuitton performed with artists and designers. You may know or recognize a couple of these collaborations; the Louis Vuitton Monogram with cherries, flower or the graffiti print were three of the most famous collaborations. These limited edition pieces are milestones and therefore part of the history and the story of the brand. 

Luxury vintage stores such as L’Etoile Saint Honore Amsterdam aim to collect these limited edition pieces that tell a story about the brand, and make sure these special pieces aren’t forgotten about. To celebrate the success of Louis Vuitton and to kick-off the new year positively, we offer customers a 10% discount on nearly all Louis Vuitton items in our stores in the month of January 2017. We hope to see you soon and tell you more about the brands we sell and care about!