The story behind: Louis Vuitton Noé - Bucket Bag

The Louis Vuitton bucket bag, also known as the Noé, has its own story. Do you have one already or are you thinking about buying one? After knowing the history about the Louis Vuitton Noé bag, you definitely want to have one...

The bucket bag of Louis Vuitton was originally not made for women. The grandson of the French designer created the Noé in 1932 to carry his bottles of champagne without breaking them. He went to many parties and always took a bottle of champagne with him. The Louis Vuitton Noé has the perfect design and fit to carry five bottles: four bottles can fit right set up and one in the middle upside down. The closure ensures that the bottles won’t break. 

Also the name of the bag has a story. Noé is derived from the bible story of Noa. After he survived the flood with his wooden boat, he became a winemaker. The designer used champagne instead, but wine fits too of course!  

If you don’t have one yet, but would like to wear your bottles of champagne in style: just check them all out and find your perfect Louis Vuitton Noé to take your bottles with you to the next party! 

Louis Vuitton Noé