Want a Gucci collectors item?

Is it December 2017 yet? 


Last year on December second, Christie's annual Fashion Through The Ages sale started. 


Since the launch of Gucci: Collector: Presented by Christie's in January 2016 customers were allowed to upload photo's of their personal Gucci treasures. There was made a small selection over the 600 vintage products uploaded by fans across the whole world.  From this there was a top 30 of precious items that went under the hammer. 

The bags start at £600 and go up to £3,000, many having been passed down through family generations. Highlights include a selection of bags from the late fifties, featuring bamboo handles.


And this is the amazing news we have for you, not only Christie's offers some of these amazing treasures! But also your local favorite vintage boutique L'Etoile, that would be us, and no we are not joking! Hop by to check our Gucci treasures, and become the happy owner of a collectors item.