Dior Lady Dior


The iconic Lady Dior bag is one of the most popular designer handbags of all time and Princess Diana's favorite. First launched in 1994 without an official name, the Lady Dior was nicknamed 'Chouchou', which means favorite in French.

In September 1995, the Lady Dior was given to Diana. In a short period of time, Princess Diana was seen and photographed wearing her favorite bag at many official events and occasions. In 1996, as a tribute to the princess, the bag was renamed "Lady Dior" with her blessing. In just two years, the iconic model was sold more than 200,000 times.

Over the years, the Lady Dior has become available in 5 different sizes and different materials. The sizes available today are the Lady Dior Micro, the Lady Dior Mini - which was introduced in 2015, the Lady Dior Medium, the Lady Dior Large and the Large Dior Lady Shopping Tote. In 2016, a detachable embellished strap was launched that could be purchased separately. The Dior Lady Dior is available in many colors. All in all, the Lady Dior has had some tweaks here and there, but still remains one of Dior's true classics and iconic bags.