Hermès Behapi Bracelet

Hermès Behapi Bracelet Leather (FarFetch)

The Hermès Behapi bracelet has an elegant leather wrap that is secured with a Hapi clasp. There are two styles of this bracelet: the Behapi Single Tour and the Behapi Double Tour. The Behapi Double Tour wraps around the wrist twice. This bracelet is reversible and is usually made of Swift and Epsom Calfskin. One leather type on each side, or Swift Leather on both sides, but in two different colors. The name of the bracelet alludes to this feature: "be" indicates that the bracelet is made of two materials, while "hapi" refers to the hardware used to fasten the leather strap. The Behapi Bracelet is derived from designer Pierre Hardy. The Hapi clasp is available in many finishes, including gold-plated, palladium-colored and silver-plated metal.