Louis Vuitton Lock


Gold Louis Vuitton Lock on Chain

The Louis Vuitton lock was designed in 1886 to be precise, Louis Vuitton and his son George first developed the locks. The reason they started making locks is quite simple: luggage was very often stolen by thieves and Louis Vuitton and George wanted to assure their customers that their belongings would be safe in their suitcases. And they were right: according to George, it was absolutely impossible to open the locks. He was so convinced of the quality of the locks that he challenged Houdini to crack them, but the famous illusionist did not dare to take the challenge. In 1901, Louis Vuitton released its signature padlock that has now become a super popular accessory.

Just to remind you: locks that start with 3xx where made between 1990s and 2009, and locks starting with 4xx were made after 2009.” The lock comes in one size: 4,1 x 2,1 centimeters.