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Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag in Monogram, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur Canvas

Guide to: how to style a Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The Neverfull is one of the most iconic and famous bags from Louis Vuitton. Women couldn’t be happier with this bag. Lip gloss, hairbrush, laptop, phone, wallet, nail polish… Every woman knows the problem: her bag is too small. Well, you will never have that problem with the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. A lot of people will know this bag, but how do you style it for different occasions? 

Guide to: How to verify your Balenciaga bag

Balenciaga, one of our favorite brands. Always with fantastic new designs, but we can't get enough of the Balenciaga vintage bags. Especially the Classic City Bag, a bag that is still produced in many sizes. But the vintage versions are even better and much more affordable - we love it and our wallets even more! How do you recognize a real Balenciaga bag? How do you know for sure whether the bag you purchase is authentic? We will tell you so that you can quickly hit the street with your (authentic) Balenciaga bag! 

Blog header Balenciaga bags
Dior bags, how to read Dior date codes

Guide to: how to read Dior date codes

Got your hands on a new or vintage Dior bag? Congratulations on your new baby! Did you know all Dior bags include a leather tag inside the bag, which, depending on the age of the item, includes a date code on the back of the tag? This date code was designed to let buyers know they were dealing with a genuine Dior item. But what does the code actually mean? In this blog, we explain how to decrypt a Dior date code. 

How to: authenticate Christian Dior Jewelry

Dior was founded in 1947. Since then, women's style has become more feminine than ever. Dior believed that jewelry was just as much a part of fashion as clothing. His jewelry is designed to complement his clothing collections. Only the best designers were hired to design the jewelry collections. Christian Dior jewelry is really worth collecting. The items will keep their value or even increase in value as the items become increasingly rare. But, how to authenticate these stunning pieces? Read more in our blog!

Dior jewelry - how to authenticate blog
Different Prada bags on models and close ups of outfits

Guide to: how to authenticate your Prada bag in 7 steps

Anything with 'Prada' in it, is great. Your sweet sweet Prada bag, probably your greatest love ever. The bag that completes every outfit. Did you buy such a pearl second-hand? Nothing more important than that you have scored an authentic bag. We tell you everything about the Prada authenticity check of your Prada bag.

Guide to: how to read Hermès date stamps

Hermès has been one of the most luxurious fashion houses for over 180 years. To check the manufacturing date of your Hermès item, you can use the date stamp. This date stamp consists of a letter and a symbol corresponding to a year. With this date stamp guide, you can easily learn more about your own unique vintage Hermès piece.
On the right; a collection of Hermès bags. On the left; showing what the date stamp of Hermès looks like inside of the bag.
Guide to: how to clean and take care of your Louis Vuitton

Guide to: how to clean and take care of your Louis Vuitton

After finding your dream bag, one thing is even more important: taking care of it. We wanted to share with you our tips and tricks to keep your Louis Vuitton bags in the best possible condition. We will share the way we make our vintage Louis Vuitton’s look as beautiful and new as possible.

Guide to: how to read Chanel serial numbers

Chanel date codes, serial numbers, date stamp, authentication codes, they are all the same terms used for the series of numbers you can find on the sticker inside you Chanel bags and accessories. Using this guide you can check your code to find out when you Chanel item was made.

Showing a collection of Chanel bags on the left, and a close up of a Chanel serial number, or date code, on the right.
Guide to: Louis Vuitton date codes

Guide to: Louis Vuitton date codes

Louis Vuitton uses date codes to indicate when and where an item was manufactured. This code isn't specific to an item, but it does help to authenticate a real Louis Vuitton. After reading this guide you will know where to find the date code and how to read them.