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Travel bags

Going on a short trip or a long holiday? In both cases you do need to bring your whole closet with you, don’t you? But no worries, we got you. We are aware of the fact that every traveler is in need of a travel bag, suitcase, trolley. We also know that no matter which kind of travel bag you choose to bring with you. It must have plenty of space and it has to be very practical. But at the same time your travel bag needs to be a bag that looks so pretty that it will make many heads turn.


We assure you that our luxury travel bags are the best travel compagnon and that they are as tremendous as the destination that they are being taken to. 

Travel bags come in all sorts and sizes. Every sort of trip requires a different kind of travel bag. Luckily, in our collection of vintage designer travel bags there are bags in all sorts and sizes. For a short getaway for the weekend you should take a leather Louis Vuitton Keepall with monogram print with you. Or choose for a classic black Chanel travel bag

For a longer trip, we advise taking a vintage trolley with you. We have Chanel trolleys, Fendi trolleys and Louis Vuitton trolleys that will make everyone at the airport jealous of you. 

Wanna rock a more classic look? Then our vintage suitcases and trunks are the perfect match for you! Designer suitcases and trunks will give you a very business like appearance whilst still looking fancy. 

Choose your style and enjoy your next vacation in style with a beautiful vintage travel bag!