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We have a passion for luxury handbags that tell a unique story.

In 1997 we started Atlantis Trading, a company specialised in jewellery made from the rare gemstone called Larimar only to be found in the Dominican Republic.
What started with travelling to the Dominican Republic twice a year buying these precious gemstones and jewellery, turned into a greater profession of travelling all over the world to visit gemstone fairs and find new, unique stones for our collection. In 2007 we opened our first store Carribean Creation at the Gravenstraat 19 right in the center of Amsterdam to display our variety of jewellery and gemstones from all over the world.

One day during our travels, we came across beautiful second hand designer bags and there was no other choice but to add them our product range in our small shop. We started searching for more of these authentic and antique handbags with a great story to tell, because they fascinated us so much.
However, at some point we realised that our small shop at the Gravenstraat was not paying enough tribute to the uniqueness of these bags, which is why we decided to open a new store exclusively dedicated to our vintage luxury repertoire:
L‘Étoile de Saint Honoré which opened at the Oude Spiegelstraat 1 in Amsterdam in July 2013, in January 2015 our store in Heiligeweg and in December 2015 our store in Reestraat opened.

To make this star of the fabulous Rue de Saint Honoré accessible to everyone around the world who shares our passion for luxury vintage bags, belts and wallets we decided to open a complementary online store. However, if you happen to be in Amsterdam, we are more than happy to welcome you at one of our stores. 

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