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Beach day, shopping day, spa day, it really doesn’t matter. As a woman you have to carry so much stuff with you. Always. Most of the time not all your necessary supplies fit into your handbag. Shopper bags are perfect for that matter, with their big capacity. 

If you have a shopper bag that's designer, it makes carrying all that heavy stuff a lot less heavy. You will look absolutely amazing when you do the groceries with a designer shopping bag, and it is also the ideal bag for hand luggage when going on a flight. Every woman will stop and stare at you when you own a bag that is practical and pretty.

And it’s not only looking good, it’s also doing good. When you take a fashionable designer shopper with you, you don’t have to use ugly plastic bags. “Kill two birds with one stone”, you could say. When you decide to go for a vintage designer shopper bag, you are doing even better.  We would advise you: Never leave home without it.

We have a collection with beautiful designer shoppers from several luxury brands. Classy Chanel shoppers, Fendi shoppers with the iconic Zucca print, timeless Louis Vuitton shoppers, pretty Gucci shoppers and classic Burberry shoppers are all available in our collection. Go find your own perfect vintage designer shopper bag, for looking good and doing good!