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Balenciaga, one of our favorite brands. Always with fantastic new designs, but we can't get enough of the Balenciaga vintage bags. Especially the Classic City Bag, a bag that is still produced in many sizes. But the vintage versions are even better and much more affordable - we love it and our wallets even more! 

With its incredible popularity, Balenciaga has become one of the most copied brands in the world and one of the most complicated to authenticate. Always check for authenticity before purchasing a used Balenciaga bag or purchase your Balenciaga bag from a trusted source.

How do you recognize a real Balenciaga bag? How do you know for sure whether the bag you purchase is authentic? We will tell you so that you can quickly hit the street with your (authentic) Balenciaga bag! 


The inner label is printed on a metal nameplate or a leather tab. From 2001-2008, metal tags were made of sterling silver, although today they are made of nickel. The style number of the handbag is listed on the front or back of the tab; sometimes it will be on both sides. 

With the exception of the City, First, Work (since 2005) and Weekender, all Balenciaga motorcycle bags have leather labels only. These four styles have silver tags only if they have classic hardware. The silver tags were made from real silver until F / W 2008, with the silver “925” stamp in the lower right corner.

Balenciaga inside labels

Sterling Silver Label (left) and Leather Label (right)


Not only is the number(s) in a designer bag a small part of proper authentication, it often reveals the time of manufacture or the season of the bag.

Balenciaga is engraved in the leather tag, with numbers on the back. Some Balenciaga bags have a metal plate with serial number. This indicator shows the year in which the bag was produced. With Balenciaga bags with a metal tag, it is quite easy to find out in what season a Balenciaga bag was made. Newer bags without a metal plate have the letter stamped on the back of the label, along with the serial number or also called the Balenciaga authenticity code. 

List of codes on Balenciaga tag

S/S = Spring/Summer
F/W = Fall/Winter 


The zipper on the inside of the Balenciaga bag has the Lampo logo on the back. In 2010, Balenciaga bags with rose gold hardware were fitted with a zipper without the Lampo logo. It is said that Lampo did not make rose gold hardware at the time. The zipper should have the Lampo logo embossed instead of engraved, in addition it should be italicized and underlined. But beware, because Lampo zippers are also often used in counterfeit Balenciaga bags. The fact that the bag has the correct zipper does not automatically mean that it is an authentic Balenciaga bag. In 2014, Balenciaga replaced the Lampo logo with a capital B.

Balenciaga Lampo Zipper real and fake

Real (left) and fake (right)


The closures of the shoulder strap of the Balenciaga bag is an important feature of the bag. The bale, the metal piece of hardware at the end of the shoulder strap, should have a round and organic shape. The part of the turned bale should be smooth and flat. The bale with fake Balenciaga bags often looks like a pendant.

The bale Balenciaga bag


Until 2005, the rivets on Balenciaga bags were rounded and slightly convex. The rivets have been deeply notched since 2005. Many fake Balenciaga rivets have shallow indentations resembling square or shallow crescents.

The rivet Balenciaga bag

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