Chanel price increase August 2022: The new prices

Chanel Price Increase 2022 Etoile Luxury Vintage

Why Has There Been An Increase?

Are we even surprised at this point? It feels like it was yesterday that we were talking about their March price increase. And yet, here we are again. Chanel prices keep growing, and with it, their exclusivity and desire among Chanel lovers. But why does this happen? Continue reading to find out.

One of the main reasons for Chanel to increase their prices is to gain popularity. Think about this, the higher their prices go, the more desirable and exclusive the bags become. Of course, as one of the most important Luxury brands, they can afford to increase their prices, because time after time, people keep buying their timeless items.

Moreover, when you purchase a bag, you're not only buying a bag. You're paying for a classic French design, high-quality materials, and a set of skills that made your bag possible.

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Chanel's current prices

The moment we've all been waiting for, how high are the prices now? Well, you're not going to like what we're about to say. When we showed the price increase last March, all the percentages were below 10%. Sadly we can't say the same this time. Most of the Classic Flap Bags are now around 9% more expensive than before, but the Flap Bag Maxi's increase is now of 11,1%. Can you believe that?


Seeing this Chanel price increase chart, we ask ourselves, how much can they keep increasing their prices until it's too much? We thought they were already too high about three price increases ago, but time and again, Chanel keeps being one of the most sought-after and desired brands.


How to beat the increase

We've learned the lesson: Chanel prices are not going down anytime soon. Because of that, if you're considering buying a new Chanel bag, you should get your hands on it ASAP! Chances are, this is the cheapest the bag will ever be.

The other option (our favorite one), is to buy a pre-loved bag. Not only are you saving money, but it's always exciting to see all the unique and rare pieces that you can find.

And you already know the drill, Chanel's prices keep increasing, but here at L'Etoile, our prices are always the same.

Chanel Classic Flap bag Etoile Luxury Vintage

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