Chanel: Price Increase March 2023

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Chanel has done it again

Some may call it their worst nightmare, while others might think of it as their best investment yet. From March 2023 there will be another price increase on the iconic and timeless Chanel bags in Europe. Even though prices already climbed by 9%, only seven months earlier in August 2022.

The reason

One of the main reasons for the price increase is, of course, the popularity of the brand. The higher the prices go, the more desirable the product will become according to the consumer. Some may say it is getting too crazy, nevertheless the products are still being sold for these prices.
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The current prices

The moment you have been waiting for… 
you can see the previous and current prices and the increase percentage. The highest increase is set at 12.8% and the lowest at 5.5%, which is still very high. 
*Prices in America have risen even more sharply. 

Beat the increase

History repeats itself, and as we have all seen again, the prices at Chanel will no longer be stable, but will rise annually and sometimes several times a year. So, if there is any advice that we can give, it would be that you should purchase your pre-loved Chanel bag right now! 

Not only are you saving a lot of money, the bag will tell a unique story throughout its look and feel. Prices will be a bit more reasonable. And, in addition to this, vintage Chanel bags have gold plated material, win-win! 
Are you ready for your investment piece? 


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