Hermès price increase 2024: The new prices

Hermès price increase 2024: The new prices



Hermès price increase 2024: The new prices

It is no secret that brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Hermès adjust their prices once in a while. Almost every year, some bags go up another percentage. This is due to increasing demand, rising production costs, maintaining exclusivity and the high quality of their products. In this blog we take a closer look at Hermès' new prices.

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And this year too, the prices of many designer brands are going up again. Meanwhile, the price increases for Hermès this year are not only already known but are already being implemented part by part. This was an unexpected announcement. Usually the price increases are announced around the beginning of February and the prices are implemented a few weeks later. This announcement has attracted worldwide attention and raises questions about the impact on both the fashion industry and consumers.

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The new prices

Although the big numbers grab everyone's attention, the amount of the price increase varies by item. For shoes, prices increased by more than 10%. Leather goods seem to have increased from about 3% to about 15%, with many increases hovering between the usual 6-7%.

Below is a preliminary list of the previous prices for some Hermès bags in the 2023 EU alongside the new prices for 2024.

Hermès Price List Increase 2024

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