Louis Vuitton: the new Price Increase from February 2022

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Worldwide Louis Vuitton price increase 

Well, well, well, another price increase at the iconic fashion house. Are you even surprised? We are no longer surprised, for years.

We've heard it before in the corridors, but now it's a fact. The price increases can already be seen on the Louis Vuitton website and the prices have already been increased in all the boutiques. Louis Vuitton's price increases are going faster than light these days.

This worldwide price increase affects not only Louis Vuitton bags, but also small leather goods, perfumes and accessories.

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Read this blog and discover all the ins and outs about this Louis Vuitton February 2022 price increase.


Higher costs

The rising production costs and the higher transport costs have been known for some time. These rising costs are among other things the reason for the latest price increases at Louis Vuitton. With this price increase, the biggest designer brand in the world, is one of the several designer companies to pass on rising production costs to the buyer. 

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The increase

The prices of Louis Vuitton bags have risen between 5 and 20%. Say what? 20? Yes, 20. You understand, 20% on a Louis Vuitton item is not about a few euros. 

Due to the corona crisis, the demand for luxury items has even increased. Louis Vuitton itself has had one of the best years ever in 2021. 

Although last year was a good year for the designer brands, many designer fashion houses are participating in price increases.

View the new prices in a clear overview. 


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Now we've told you all about this first Louis Vuitton price hike in 2022. This is the moment to expand your designer collection by investing in a beautiful bag from the iconic fashion house. Now you're in time for the next price increase, and it might come sooner than you think ...

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