Louis Vuitton's 2023 baby collection

Louis Vuitton launches baby collection 2023

Louis Vuitton's baby debut collection has arrived!

It’s the first time they will debut a collection that is all inspired by and made for newborns. The Louis Vuitton baby collection is out now for the world to see!
Louis Vuitton launches baby collection 2023
Source: Louis Vuitton

What can we see in this collection?

The collection consists of a divers series of clothing, shoes, accessories and other objects such as blankets, stuffed animals, luggage and more. It's the quality that we are used to from Louis Vuitton but covered in sweetness and joy for the little ones. The primary Meli-Melo motif rearranges the well known Monogram with a touch of airiness. The iconic LV flower will appear in most of the designs but for example perforated on leather shoes or in the knitwear blankets as a 3D knit design. Also a nice detail, the Meli-Melo motif will be shown on the labels that is visible in almost all items.
a first a louis vuitton baby collection 2023

  Source: Louis Vuitton

The beauty of these items!

By adding a variety of different luxurious items and colour ways such as a silver hardware souvenirs box or a lilac baby pouch, Louis Vuitton expands their customer reach by creating a new world where every piece will have a role in the baby's life. The cohesive part of the collection is that the materials are soft and comforting. 


Louis Vuitton launches baby collection 2023
Source: Louis Vuitton

Twinning is...

 A good addition to your Louis Vuitton mini collection would be our Louis Vuitton Speedy Mini Monogram canvas, and of course, this Multicolor Monogram Key Holder would come in handy when you quickly need to find your keys or keep your little one entertained.
 Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy mini key holders


Items for a life time

These sustainable aspects of this baby collection connects us more with the brand in general because this is something L'Étoile also stands for and aims to spread this message about durability in design and accessories. 
With enduring creations and designs as a main focus at Louis Vuitton, pieces can be passed down and treasured, this highlights the generous and joyful intention of the collection. 
Well, well.. enough inspiration to shop for your next babyshower right!
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