Most unique designer bags

Most unique designer bags

Is that really a bag?

Are you looking for the most extravagant and eccentric bags to add to your collection? We've gathered some very, very extraordinary (even a bit crazy) bags from our favorite designer brands. Would you add these to your shopping cart?

The Shopping Basket

For AW14 , Chanel created its own supermarket to show one of the brand’s most memorable runway moments! Every moment of the runway left us with our mouths open at how everything was designed. However, the thing we were least expecting was their Chanel Shopping Basket. This shopping basket was wrapped in the brand’s signature leather straps and chains, maintaining the Chanel essence while being... you know, a shopping basket. Going to the supermarket has never been more glamorous.

Chanel Bags                                            Photo: The New York Times

The Paint Can

Virgil Abloh, with his vision and ideals, designed one of Louis Vuitton's most curious bags. During the Man's Fall/Winter 2022 runway, we saw for the first time the Paint Can Bag, and it left us all a bit startled. Though it might be mistaken as a normal can of paint, once you pay more attention you can see that it screams Louis Vuitton. With a casual and urban style, it still maintains the luxury brand's elegance.

Photo: Pinterest

Judith Leiber Couture

We could go on and on about Judith Leiber's creative designs. The designer created multiple bags based on foods, animals, and objects with a sparkling touch. These bags might not be for everyone, but they bring a playful touch to your outfit. She was very meticulous with her designs, even placing by hand all the crystals on the bags, a true work of art.

Photo: Pinterest

Pearl Bag

You've probably seen this one since it's been trending on social media. Cult Gaia designed a handbag that has the elegance and looks of a pearl. With a delicate curved handle/strap, you can wear it casually hanging from your arm.
The bag was designed with the idea of stealing glances, not to be functional, since due to its round and small shape it only fits small items. Pair it with a basic yet chic outfit and let the bag be the star of the look.

Photo: Pinterest


Coperni recently turned into a very popular brand since the viral Bella Hadid dress and their glass bags. Known as the Swipe bag, this bag is one of the most popular designs from the brand. Made with glass and with an oval shape, each bag is handmade, making them all unique. One of the most sought-after bags, perfect to make your outfit stand out, but not recommended to clumsy people.

Photo: Pinterest


How do you make one of the world’s most exclusive handbags even more luxurious? You commission an update from a renowned artist. In 2013, Kim Kardashian’s then-husband, Kanye West, gifted her a tan Hermès Birkin bag featuring a painting from George Condo. Not everyone can say that they own a Birkin painted by an artist whose paintings are in museums.

 Photo: Pinterest

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