Southeast Asia’s FIRST Louis Vuitton Restaurant Is Now Open In Bangkok

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Louis Vuitton’s ‘LV The Place Bangkok’ finally opened on February 28 at the newly renovated Gaysorn Amarin. After weeks of rumours and speculation, we can finally reveal what’s in store at this exciting new space!



Visionary Journeys 

On the first floor, there's an exhibit called ‘Visionary Journeys’ that takes a deep dive into the brand's history in a way that's never been done before. This display, created by the world-famous architects OMA and Partner Shohei Shigematsu, starts off their joint venture with Louis Vuitton by crafting a unique architectural style for the show. They've set up themed rooms as separate spaces, giving a new perspective to both new and vintage items. This setup inspires visitors into the core values of craftsmanship, innovation, travel, and creativity.


Le Café Louis Vuitton 

On the first floor, Le Café Louis Vuitton creates a cozy spot that mixes plant life with the brand's classic style, showing off patterned floors and furniture from the ‘Objets Nomades’ line. The café has a wide selection of sweets like cakes, tarts, and ice cream sandwiches, each with a unique Louis Vuitton twist. Some favorites are the chocolate-caramel Star Blossom Cake, the pistachio-orange Monogram Cake, and the Mango Sticky Rice Fizz—a refreshing local beverage made with mango and sticky rice syrup.

The Boutique  


The 'Louis Vuitton The Place Bangkok' store offers a modern and engaging shopping experience on the upper level, blending elegant design with lively elements. With a mix of vintage furnishings and colorful art, the space smoothly integrates the men’s and women’s collections.


Gaggant at Louis Vuitton 


On the upper level, renowned chef Gaggan Anand has crafted a unique "food journey" for lunch and dinner at 'Gaggan at Louis Vuitton,' the brand's first restaurant in South Asia. This dining experience begins with a striking entrance marked by a pyramid of trunks and leads into a space with wavy walls, resin artworks by Draga & Aurel, LV flower lamps, and fringed curtains. The exclusive restaurant features 10 marble tables and offers a seasonal menu inspired by the 5 "S" – Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, and Surprise, showcasing dishes like Thai-inspired lobster and a mushroom creation with a Damier design. Additionally, a private dining room offers guests a direct view into the kitchen with the simple press of a button, enhancing the dining experience.
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