Take a look at our second Hermès masterclass!

Take a look at our second Hermès masterclass!
Besides our beloved Chanel and Louis Vuitton classes, we presented the Hermès edition again last Friday at the always cosy and beautiful Equals. We again enjoyed this fine group of people and would like to thank Equals for hosting our guests this evening. We take you through a summary about this edition! 

The program

In this edition, we discuss the topics, The history of Hermès, Real vs fake, care instructions, The classics bags, Hermès limited editions, The best investments and answer to the question; Why would you invest in a Hermès bag? We discuss these topics in all our editions and we mainly focus on the vintage side of the brand. Hermès has a beautiful and interesting history and of course the most valuable bags, we explain it all to you in our classes!

The goodiebag and special thanks to


  • Khiels Ultra Facial Creams, wow!
  • Amazing hair brushes from Mikah
  • Primer & a stunning liquid blush from Mudmasky
  • How amazing these gel nail stickers & cuticle oil from Neonail
  • Yummy matcha powder from AO Bar
  • Fresh made juices this evening from Wild & the Moon
  • Fresh smelling mist sprays from Cinque Sensi
  • Softest soap bars from Kinfill
  • Skinlyft 20% discount voucher to shop
  • Little piece of heaven in the cookies from Cookie Lab 

Thank you to these stunning brands for such a special goodie bag and taking part in such a special evening!


Will we see you at the next masterclass on 13 September in Maastricht? Tickets are available on our website. Click here to purchase now!
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