The Gucci Garden: Where Fashion And Art Meet

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Located in the heart of Florence, Italy is a place where the world of fashion, art, and history meets, the place also known as The Gucci Garden. This place is much more than just a museum, it offers visitors a multi-sensory journey through the rich history of the Italian Fashion house, Gucci. 


The Art Experience

While Florence is of course known for their rich variety of Renaissance art museums, the Gucci Garden offers a fresh, contemporary art experience. The Gucci Garden is housed in the elegant Fourteenth-century Palazzo della Mercanzia. Previously known as the Gucci Museum, the location was renovated recently to give it a fresher and newer look. Ever since it is called the Gucci Garden, the name comes from the fact that the location was supposed to be considered ‘living’ as the fashion brand is living in the past, but also in the future as designs change. The genius architect of the Gucci Garden is Alessandro Michele, and the fashion was curated by Mira Luisa Frisa.


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The Unique Boutique

The Gucci Garden has a very aesthetically pleasing, vintage-psychedelic style. It is a very unique experience and even non-fashion lovers will appreciate the visit. On the ground floor, you can find the boutique where they sell items that are only sold at the Gucci Garden. There are sold items such as bright blazers and sweaters, studded hairpins, colorful scarves and bags, and even cushions. On this floor, you can also find the Osteria Gucci, a restaurant that is managed by Michelin-star Chef, Massimo Bottura. When you eat in the restaurant you get free entry to the museum. 


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The Designs

On the first and second floors, visitors will find the museum space, designed in honor of the brand. The designs are not placed in chronological order, but they are placed together into a unique set-up. On these floors, you can discover the history of Gucci through clothing and accessories, art, documents, and graphic works. There is also a red velvet theatre room with a video projection.


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The Gucci Garden

Throughout the real garden of the Gucci Garden, you can find Alessandro Michele’s favorite Gucci influences. For example, plants, animals, and of course famous snakes. The garden really brings the brand’s philosophy to life, and it is truly worth a visit for every fashion lover when visiting Florence.

The Gucci Garden is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., and admission to the galleries is 8 euros. Half of the proceeds are donated to Florence for the renovations throughout the city.
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