The Vibrant Collaboration of Tyler, The Creator, And Pharrell William’s Louis Vuitton

The Vibrant Collaboration of Tyler, The Creator, And Pharrell William’s Louis Vuitton

Tyler Okona, otherwise known as Tyler the Creator, has made a significant impact in both the music and the fashion industry. He is known for his eclectic style and creative visions.

Similarly, Pharrell Williams is an icon in both fields, and he recently became the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton Men’s. It is well known that the two have a special friendship and, their collaboration is a perfect way to celebrate it.

This month the Louis Vuitton Spring 2024 Men’s Capsule Collection by Tyler the Creator hit the shelves across the world. The new collaboration offers an insight into Pharrell’s vision for the brand and the direction he’s moving to, showcasing his first collaboration as a Creative Director of LV Men’s. The collection is a perfect blend of traditional Louis Vuitton elements and Tyler’s modern and fun style. The collection includes clothing, like graphic-print suits, lightweight jackets, quarter zip pullovers, tailored pants, as well as shoes and most importantly bags and suitcases.

With a playful twist on the LV monogram print, originally created in 1896 by the son of Louis Vuitton, Tyler created the Craggy canvas. It merges the well-recognized print with colorful accents and hand-drawn daisies and puppies. Sounds cute, right?

The Damier print also got a new look by Tyler, changing the color and size of the legendary squares of the checkered pattern. The name of the redesigned look, Damier Golf canvas, is a homage to his own clothing brand, Golf Wang.




Tyler’s version of the Keepall Bandoulière features the Damier canvas, as well as the Damier Gold design introduced by the musician. The iconic travel bag features a green colorway and a pink “L.Vuitton Marque Déposée” in one of the squares. It makes any journey feel like a joyride through the clouds.





Sac Plat

Sac Plat carryall with the colorful Craggy print and wavy, detachable tag. The bag was originally designed by LV as a carry-on luggage you can just stow away, but is still a practical piece you can use as a purse and fit all your valuable items in it.





Rolling Trunk

Another iconic model with a fun twist. The trunk with the hand-drawn print adds a colorful reinterpretation to the vintage suitcase look. Wheeling this through the airport infuses every voyage with a playful charm.



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