What does your bag say about you?

What does your bag say about you?

The meaning behind your bag of choice 

A bag is the most important accessory, as it defines your style, distinguishes you from others, completes your outfit, and carries your necessities. When you walk on the streets, you see many different types of people wearing all kinds of bags. And if you look carefully, you will note that our favorite accessories can reveal a lot about our personalities. 

Today we'll take a look at the most popular type of bags and see what they could say about you. 

The Handbag

Are you the type of person who likes to carry your essentials by hand? That could mean that you prefer to have an elegant look over a comfortable one. The handbag has a timeless and refined look to it, and it's always a safe investment because if something is sure, is that they'll never go out of style.

Moreover, the way you carry or hold your precious bag tells your surroundings even more about your personality. 

If you hold the bag in your hand, you choose status over functionality, as you prioritize holding your handbag over being able to use both hands freely. Especially when you hold your bag with two hands, it's clear that you have a priority on status and position. But to achieve the most luxurious appearance, you have to hold your bag in the arm crook hook. 

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The Clutch

A clutch is most often associated with going on a night out. It can give a festive or dressed-up look to your outfit, it makes a statement. It shows that you're chic and minimalistic since there are only so many small items you can fit in it.

This bag also requires you to give up one hand, but most of the clutches allow you to cheat as they often have the option to attach a removable shoulder strap in times of need. You can wear the clutch in a casual way, with denim and a ruffle top. Or you can also opt for a bold shirt with festive earrings and let the clutch complete this look. 

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The Shoulder bag

Isn't it obvious? You are a multitasker, and you need to have your arms free so you can use them all the time. For this reason, Miss Coco Chanel changed the game and designed a model inspired by the soldier's bags with shoulder straps. Chanel came up with her first shoulder bag in 1929, which she renewed later in February 1955. We're talking about the well-known, iconic, and most wanted, Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

This bag has the best of both worlds and can give you a relaxed while organized and confident appearance. If you carry your bag in front of you, you might give a shy and defensive impression. However, the bag can also give you a free spirit if you just let it hang casually next to your body.

The Shopper

The shopper enables you to be ready for anything. You don’t know what the day might bring, and this bag prepares you for anything that might come your way since it has plenty of space to put all your essentials in. 

It's the perfect accessory when you go on a holiday, or on the go for meetings. It shows that it brings you comfort having many gadgets and items in your bag, just in case. You probably have a busy and practical lifestyle, choosing a bag that can be both stylish and useful.

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