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The must-have for Princess Diana

How many 'it bags' has Gucci made? Can you name them all? 
That's a tough question, because every Gucci bag launch is a revolution. From the classic Dionysus canvas to the iconic Jackie, we're in love with them all!

But today we're going to talk about the iconic Gucci tote bag with bamboo handles that Princess Diana wore so often: the Gucci Diana Bag. 

The bamboo handle tote bag was first presented by the fashion house in 1991. In the 90s, Princess Diana of Wales became a style icon and this bag became her favorite. Diana became increasingly bold in her fashion choices as she distanced herself from the royal family. Every time she had to leave Chelsea's Harbor Gym and face the paparazzi in cycling shorts and baggy sweaters, this bag completed the outfit. Since this bag was produced, it became an essential part of her new wardrobe.

Diana doing quintessential Di leisurewear, with her capacious Gucci bamboo tote, in 1996Princess Diana witth her own Gucci Diana bag in 1996

The new Gucci Diana bag!

Last Thursday, July 1, Princess Dianna would have turned 60 and that is why Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, announced the new Gucci Diana bag in her honor.

The Italian company set to work to give this iconic bag a touch of modernity.

The tote bag comes in three different sizes: mini, small and medium, with a classic and seven different colors of leather. The color palette is bright, classic and elegant, with the addition of some intriguing, unusual shades. Monogram options are also available, with the addition of lettering and stars on the leather straps in metallic movie colors. 

The new design features detachable neon clear leather straps, in fluorescent yellow, orange and pink. This is a clever nod to the functional straps that were once used to maintain the shape of the bamboo handles. 

The spacious interior and detachable shoulder strap make this the ideal bag for daytime or work.

Gucci Diana mini tote bag in four variatons


Gucci Diana Bag 2021 prices

These prices show the prices of the renewed Gucci Diana Bag. These are not the Gucci Diana bag vintage prices. 

Gucci Diana Medium Tote bag - £2.960  

Gucci Diana Small Tote Bag - £2.430
Gucci Diana Mini Tote Bag - £2.080

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