The history of: Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas

The Iconic Louis Vuitton Monogram Print

If you know Louis Vuitton, you will definitely know their iconic and well-known print, of course, I am talking about the Monogram canvas! The print is a typical sign of Louis Vuitton. You will see people from far away with this print on their bag, immediately you will know it is from Louis Vuitton. But how did this all start?

How it all started  

The most recognisable print from Louis Vuitton is, as mentioned, the Monogram Canvas. Louis Vuitton’s son, George, is the maker of the Monogram Canvas. George created this canvas in 1896 for a very specific reason : to stop imitators of the brand's designs. The demands for authenticity were associated with the Monogram logo. At the time, counterfeiting was a very frustrating and challenging issue. Like painters, George Vuitton made the decision to sign his father's name on every item. George believed that this would address their issue.
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The Pattern

 The pattern stands for : innovation, travel, experiencing different cultures, durability, solidity, and French luxury. Furthermore, the pattern consists out of two unique symbols : The LV is the first symbol which will attract your attention. These letters are really straightforward but wonderfully made to blend together nicely. Naturally, these letters represent the name of the company: Louis Vuitton. The second symbol is a design that resembles flowers. According to some people, George was inspired by Asian and Japanese aesthetics while he created the symbols, while other individuals will claim that he was motivated by the architectural features of a historic structure that had the appearance of a church. If you want our opinion? We believe that the first story—that Louis Vuitton admired Chinese culture—is accurate. Presumably George was paying a homage to his father.

100th Anniversary of the Monogram Canvas

 To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Monogram Canvas in 1996, Louis Vuitton invited several designers. They did this so that the designers could create unique pieces of luggage. The collection was available in different countries. The idea behind this? Bringing the brand’s spirit of innovation and collaboration to fashion lovers across the globe. 

Our Favorites 

There are many Louis Vuitton Monogram bags available. The Keepall is one of our favorite pieces. The Keepall is available in a variety of sizes, which makes it the perfect travel bag. Also, we adore the Noé, which is considerably smaller than the Keepall, but with an adjustable strap to provide the ultimate comfort when wearing the bag. But it does not stop here : you can spot the Monogram Canvas on various items such as shoes, accessories and even clothes.
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