Upcoming pop-up shops

Find your designer gem in one of our pop-up stores near you! From classic items to rare items, there is something for everyone.


Current pop-up stores

Bijenkorf Rotterdam - Fixed location
Bijenkorf Utrecht - Fixed location
Bijenkorf Eindhoven - Fixed location

Bijenkorf Maastricht - Fixed location
Maasmechelen Village
December 2023
To be continued ... 


Where have we been before?

We have stood in all seven stores of the largest department store in the Netherlands: De Bijenkorf. At the moment we even have a permanent stand at Bijenkorf Maastricht, Bijenkorf Eindhoven, Bijenkorf Rotterdam and Bijenkorf Utrecht. De Bijenkorf is becoming increasingly green and we are happy to contribute to that.

Vintage Designer Pop-up stores Bijenkorf
Bijenkorf Amsterdam


Maasmechelen Village is a village with beautiful brands with markdowns. We opened our first pop-up here in December 2021 and our second in June 2022. We will definitely be back in 2023, see you soon Belgium! 

Vintage Designer Pop-up at Maasmechelen Village
 Maasmechelen Village