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Balenciaga Classic City

The Balenciaga City bag, is of course one of the most iconic bags made in the 00s. It was officialy introduced as the "Motorcycle city" bag, but after it gained popularity it's now known as the Classic City bag. This classic leather handbag (often) comes with an optional shoulder strap, which makes the bag easier to carry around. The shoulder strap is, unfortunately, too short to be able to wear the bag as a crossbody bag. Balenciaga has created many different sizes and models of the bag, all similar but slightly different. Common models are the Balenciaga Classic City Edge, First, Hobo, Part Time and Work. Next to this, the bag can come with various sizes hardware, like Classic or Giant. At l'Etoile we (most of the time) sell preloved Balenciaga Classic City in different dimensions and various colors like black, blue, and red. They are always authentic and of good vintage quality. But prices may differ per bag, but we'll always make sure that you get the best value for your money. Read more about the history of the Balenciaga Classic City bag in our blog.